K-Valve is a safe and highly efficient testing and inspection device, strategically designed to streamline testing sewer and storm water systems used in all residential, commercial and industrial environments. The simplicity of the K-Valve design allows for easy install, using the multi-faceted K-Valve as the standard inspection and test opening, applying the separate test plug during the testing phase and finalising the process with the permanent plug and cap.

The unique K-Valve test plug controls the flow of water by a simple quarter turn relief valve eliminating injuries to the wrists, hands and fingers, therefore directly improving business efficiency of safety, time and money. An additional feature of the test plug is the pneumatic functionality allowing for water saving opportunities. This revolutionised product is fully accredited to AS/NZS 1260, patented and ready to optimise your plumbing business.



  • Proudly Australian owned.
  • For use in domestic, industrial and commercial projects. K-Valve is the same fitted cost installed.
  • Safer testing systems.
  • Accelerated testing time is reduced by more than 90%. Reduced lost time injuries.
  • Never lose the test plug down drain.
  • Faster and easier to use.
  • Engineered test plug for water and air testing.
  • AS/NZ approved watermark standard.
  • Available in DWV UPVC 100mm standard and expansion form.


K-Valve Standard Inspection and Test Opening

K-Valve Expansion Inspection and Test Opening

K-Valve 100mm Test Plug