The MM Kembla brand is renowned for producing the highest quality Kembla Copper Refrigeration Tube for HVAC and Refrigeration applications used in systems across Australia, New Zealand, Asia & The Middle East. Kembla Copper Refrigeration Tube is available to 3 international standards including: AS/NZS 1571, BS EN 12735 and ASTM B280

All Kembla Copper Refrigeration Tube is manufactured with the highest quality copper, superior wall thickness control for high pressure applications and optimal conditions for use with press fittings, and exhibits exceptional internal cleanliness that exceeds standard requirements.

Kembla Copper Refrigeration Tube
AS/NZS 1571

Kembla Copper Refrigeration Tube AS/NZS 1571

Kembla seamless copper tube manufactured to Australian Standard AS/NZS 1571 is suitable for use in high and low pressure air conditioning, refrigeration and mechanical services. Available in sizes 4.76mm up to and including 104.78mm and in various wall thickness to meet the saturated vapour pressures of refrigerants up to high pressure refrigerants R410A and R32. Kembla Refrigeration Copper Tube is available as “Hard Drawn” straight lengths, “Bendable Quality” (BQ) straight lengths, annealed coils and 120kg or 240kg layer wound packs for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s).

For Kembla pre-insulated AS/NZ 1571 pair coil copper refrigeration tube, see our Pair Coil page.
For Kembla ECO XS copper and copper iron tube and fittings for CO2 applications, see our Kembla ECO XS page.

  • Air Conditioning
  • Refrigeration
  • Mechanical Services
  • Medical Gas
  • Backed by MM Kembla’s reputation for quality, reliability and service for over 100 years
  • 25 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Manufactured to AS/NZS 1571 and strict MM Kembla internal quality standards and specifications
  • Stocked nationwide for prompt delivery
  • Cleaned and capped with superior internal carbon and internal cleanliness to prevent contamination of components and maintain optimal refrigerant and system performance. Total residue does not exceed 0.038g/m2
  • Manufactured using KemCore technology – superior concentricity, uniform wall thickness for high pressure applications and optimised for use with refrigeration press fittings
  • Ability to handle high working pressures and extreme high and low temperatures (max service temperature of 200°C)
  • Excellent thermal conductivity – perfect energy efficient exchange of hot or cold fluids
  • Contains no additives, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) or pigments and synthetic compounds
  • Fire Resistant – Does not burn or support combustion, spread flame or emit toxic fumes during fire
  • Seamless Phosphorous Deoxidised Copper Tube, made of 99.90% Copper (Alloy C12200)
  • Available in sizes 4.76mm up to and including 104.78mm
  • Available as ‘Hard Drawn’ straight lengths, (BQ) ‘Bendable Quality’ straight lengths or, annealed coils and annealed layer wound packs.
  • Pink capped tube has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of R410A and R32 high pressure applications. Identifiable by the pink caps used to protect the internal cleanliness of the tube and a continuous ink mark “KEMBLA AUSTRALIA AS/NZS1571 (DIAMETER) X (WALL THICKNESS) HIGH PRESSURE REFRIGERATION TUBE”
  • Straight lengths available in 6 metre and 5.8 metre lengths (export only)
  • Half hard or bendable quality straight lengths can be bent using bending tools without applying additional heat.
  • Copper tubes and fittings can be successfully joined by silver brazing or flaring
  • Silver brazing shall be carried out by professional tradespersons using brazing principles and safety procedures in accordance with AS HB40.
  • The use of 15% silver solder is recommended when brazing tube or fittings for use with R410A or other high pressure refrigerants. A proprietary silver brazing flux shall be used.
  • R410A has a 60% higher operating pressure than R22 thus requiring a thicker wall copper tube and significantly stronger R410A rated copper fittings. The minimum allowable tube wall thickness shall be 0.81mm (outside diameter size dependant).
The following table is a comparison of operating pressures for the most common refrigerants and can be used for determining which copper tube size is required for your system. The table should be used as a guide only and refrigerant manufacturers should be consulted for more specific information.
Refrigerant Saturated Vapour Pressures (kPa)
R744 (CO2)9041,8693,3845,6257,106 (@30°C)

25 Years

MM Kembla’s manufacturing processes and quality systems are built upon over 100 years of experience in manufacturing copper tube in Port Kembla, Australia. An intensive ISO 9001 certified quality control system is applied to all MM Kembla AS 1432 copper plumbing tube to ensure all MM Kembla seamless copper tube is made from high residual phosphorous deoxidised copper classified as C12200 Alloy and conforms to AS1432 and Australian Watermark certification requirements.
MM Kembla warrants that if any installation using MM Kembla copper tube becomes defective or fails and MM Kembla is notified of the details and is satisfied that the defect or failure was a result of a manufacturing defect and not the result of faulty specification, installation or incompatible environment, MM Kembla will replace or repair the defective goods and make good the installation.

Kembla Copper Refrigeration Tube AS/NZS 1571 – Product Tables

CodeOutside Diameter (inches)Outside Diameter (mm)Wall Thickness (mm)Kg/6m lengthTemperSuitable for R410A & R32
T514351/4"6.350.810.76HARD DRAWNYES
T920291/4"6.350.910.83HARD DRAWNYES
T771123/8"9.520.811.19HARD DRAWNYES
T568473/8"9.520.911.32HARD DRAWNYES
T102871/2"12.700.811.62HALF HARDYES
T225271/2"12.700.911.81HALF HARDYES
T249375/8"15.880.912.30HALF HARD 
T168705/8"15.881.022.56HALF HARDYES
T880723/4"19.050.912.78HALF HARD 
T248133/4" HARD 
T168553/4" HARDYES
T138627/8"22.220.913.27HALF HARD 
T641737/8" DRAWN 
T168607/8"22.221.404.91HARD DRAWNYES
T235157/8"22.221.635.66HARD DRAWNYES
T606581"25.400.913.76HARD DRAWN 
T919521"25.401.224.97HARD DRAWN 
T798501"25.401.636.53HARD DRAWNYES
T739711-1/8"28.580.914.25HARD DRAWN 
T919601-1/8"28.581.225.63HARD DRAWN 
T145591-1/8"28.581.637.41HARD DRAWN 
T145691-1/8"28.581.838.25HARD DRAWNYES
T220391-1/4"31.750.914.73HARD DRAWN 
T919791-1/4"31.751.226.28HARD DRAWN 
T218201-1/4"31.752.0310.17HARD DRAWNYES
T152371-3/8"34.920.915.22HARD DRAWN 
T919871-3/8"34.921.226.93HARD DRAWN 
T759801-3/8"34.922.0311.26HARD DRAWNYES
T919951-1/2" DRAWN 
T329211-5/8"41.280.916.19HARD DRAWN 
T917911-5/8" DRAWN 
T168651-5/8"41.282.4115.79HARD DRAWNYES
T949432"50.801.2210.20HARD DRAWN 
T781662-1/8"53.980.918.14HARD DRAWN 
T949602-1/8"53.981.2210.85HARD DRAWN 
T949512-1/8"53.981.6314.39HARD DRAWN 
T319762-5/8"66.681.2213.46HARD DRAWN 
T755662-5/8"66.681.6317.88HARD DRAWN 
T689802-5/8"66.682.0322.13HARD DRAWN 
T880133"76.201.6320.49HARD DRAWN 
T209234"101.601.6327.47HARD DRAWN 

CodeOutside Diameter (inches)Outside Diameter (mm)Wall Thickness (mm)Kg/5.8m lengthTemperSuitable for R410A & R32
T514301/4"6.350.810.73HARD DRAWNYES
T920281/4"6.350.910.81HARD DRAWNYES
T921953/8"9.520.711.02HARD DRAWN 
T771113/8"9.520.811.15HARD DRAWNYES
T568493/8"9.520.911.28HARD DRAWNYES
T160631/2"12.700.711.39HALF HARD 
T102861/2"12.700.811.57HALF HARDYES
T225281/2"12.700.911.75HALF HARDYES
T249385/8"15.880.912.22HALF HARD 
T168715/8"15.881.022.47HALF HARDYES
T880733/4"19.050.912.69HALF HARD 
T168563/4" HARDYES
T138647/8"22.220.913.16HALF HARD 
T210917/8" HARD 
T168617/8"22.221.404.75HALF HARDYES
T606591"25.400.913.63HALF HARD 
T919551"25.401.224.81HALF HARD 
T798461"25.401.636.32HALF HARDYES
T739731-1/8"28.580.914.11HARD DRAWN 
T919631-1/8"28.581.225.44HARD DRAWN 
T145701-1/8"28.581.837.98HARD DRAWNYES
T220401-1/4"31.750.914.58HARD DRAWN 
T919791-1/4"31.751.226.07HARD DRAWN 
T152391-3/8"34.920.915.05HARD DRAWN 
T919891-3/8"34.921.226.70HARD DRAWN 
T818761-3/8"34.921.407.65HARD DRAWN 
T759741-3/8"34.921.638.85HARD DRAWN 
T759811-3/8"34.922.0310.88HARD DRAWNYES
T919961-1/2" DRAWN 
T329231-5/8"41.280.915.99HARD DRAWN 
T917931-5/8" DRAWN 
T168661-5/8"41.282.4115.27HARD DRAWNYES
T781672-1/8"53.980.917.87HARD DRAWN 
T949612-1/8"53.981.2210.49HARD DRAWN 
T949502-1/8"53.981.6313.91HARD DRAWN 
T760322-1/8"53.981.7815.14HARD DRAWN 
T615852-1/8"53.982.6422.09HARD DRAWN 
T319782-5/8"66.681.2213.02HARD DRAWN 
T755682-5/8"66.681.6317.28HARD DRAWN 
T689852-5/8"66.682.0321.39HARD DRAWN 
T208113-1/8"79.382.2928.77HARD DRAWN 
T209244"101.601.6326.56HARD DRAWN 
T313094-1/8"104.782.7946.38HARD DRAWN 

CodeOutside Diameter (inches)Outside Diameter (mm)Wall Thickness (mm)Length (m)Kg/coilSuitable for R410A & R32