Project Description



The Salesforce Tower is a $580m commercial skyscraper under construction in Circular Quay, Sydney. Designed by Foster + Partners and being constructed by Lendlease, the building will be the city’s tallest office building at a height of 263m and 53 levels and expected to be completed by Q3 2022. It is part of a A$5 billion redevelopment of the iconic Circular Quay precinct that integrates the tower with laneways lined with shops, cafes and bars.

Utilising leading sustainable design, the tower aims to achieve NABERS 5 Star energy performance, a Green Star Design and As Built rating of 6, and will be the first building in Sydney to achieve WELL Core and Shell pre-certification rating.

D&E Air Conditioning, one of Australia’s leading HVAC and mechanical services contractors, with more than 30 years of experience in complete system design, engineering, installation, and commissioning, is responsible for the installation of a major portion of the hydraulic and mechanical pipework work on this outstanding project. Over 50 tonnes of Kembla copper tube and almost 40,000 KemPress fittings are being used on the mechanical services of the build.

After presenting our tailored solutions, Kembla project specific warranties and a fixed price at design stage; D&E selected Kembla’s inclusive and high-quality integrated piping system for this high profile project. As D&E’s Project Manager Seán Kelly explains, choosing the right product protects their highly regarded reputation as industry leaders:

“We can always trust we have the project management skills, technical skills and proven performance to provide our clients with a professional and quality service; from concept to completion. The same trust is required of the products and suppliers we use on our projects. MM Kembla were able to provide us with the warranties, training, on-site support and supply chain strength and guarantees to minimise project risk and facilitate a successful project outcome.

This was in addition to what we already knew – that they produce the highest quality copper tube, and with the advent of their KemPress system now incorporating additional installation features, a high quality press fitting system that is safe and easy for our installers to use.”

With over 87% of the copper tube sold by MM Kembla still manufactured at its manufacturing plant in Port Kembla NSW and 7 warehouses located across Australia, the ability to create inventory agility and the necessary supply chain strength to support major projects across Australia has proven to be a financial benefit for many clients as they reduce their risk of project delays due to the ever present global supply disruptions impacting many Australian business and projects, Seán Kelly explains:

“There is certainly a level of comfort we take from Kembla being a local manufacturer with the scale and agility to move with the speed of our projects. Having product across Australia assists with us managing multiple sites and projects, particularly for products that supply critical service infrastructure like copper tube. With the scale and complexity of some major projects, we don’t want to be in a position where we are also concerned with the possibility of our product supply creating project delays. Knowing that the product will be there when and where we need it, and once installed will stand the test of time certainly helps us maintain our reputation as installation specialists.”

With almost 40,000 KemPress copper press fittings being used on the project, the KemGuard Technology features designed into the KemPress system helped to reduce installation risk, improve installation performance and provide transparency to site and project managers of the installation. As Seán Kelly explains:

“The KemPress press-fitting system has some really unique features that ensure our installation teams have all the right assurances to complete the install perfectly. There are features like “Push & Stay” which ensures the fitting doesn’t slip prior to pressing it, Bluetooth equipped press tools that help us identify that all fittings have been pressed correctly and tool servicing is up to date and most importantly “Un-pressed Fitting ID” which helps us check that all fittings have been pressed and completed.

The universal profile used in KemPress fittings is also handy as it means despite how much we like KemPress tools, we can still use other press tools we already own to press the fittings and not have the fitting warranty voided. All these features help us deliver quality installs across the country and provide the business with assurance that our people are working products that help them in their daily task”.

With expected completion of the project by the end of 2022, the new Sales Force Tower is expected to be another jewel in the wonderful Sydney city landscape as major Australian cities begin filling commercial towers with eager business after a turbulent few years globally.

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