It is no secret that copper as a material has played an integral part in sustainable energy initiatives and is one of the bright lights in the move towards cleaner energy and motor vehicle electrification. As the demand for copper increases so to has the industry’s commitment to responsibly produced copper. The Copper Mark responsible production program now provides the framework to demonstrate that commitment and is why MM Kembla is proud to be a partner of The Copper Mark.

Designed for and in participation with the copper industry, The Copper Mark aims to demonstrate and improve the industry’s contribution to sustainable development over time by assessing the performance of copper mines and refiners against responsible production criteria and verifying performance through the Copper Mark Assurance Process. Through The Copper Mark, investors in copper production and copper consumers will be able to make informed decisions about responsibly produced copper in their supply chains, recognise and demonstrate their support for committed suppliers, and make positive contributions to sustainable development.

MM Kembla’s Executive General Manager Tony Bova believes The Copper Mark will not only hold the industry accountable for its practices but also help customers and copper consumers make informed decisions on what they are purchasing.

“We strongly believe our customers will always choose responsibly produced products if it can be demonstrated to them. The Copper Mark program now provides the avenue for copper mines to demonstrate their commitment to responsible production and just as importantly help fabricators, resellers and users of copper make an informed decision on their source of supply.

The intention of The Copper Mark program is to have created a “Chain of Custody” system by 2022, whereby manufacturers and fabricators like MM Kembla can further demonstrate their commitment to responsible production processes. MM Kembla has a rich manufacturing history in Australia and we pride ourselves in supplying the highest quality copper tube – that often starts with decisions that focus on reputable and responsible sources of supply.

All our copper cathode is sourced from BHP Olympic Dam in South Australia, one of the sites included in BHP’s letter of commitment to The Copper Mark. It has also been pleasing to see the support of other organisations that use or rely on copper in their business like Google, Intel and Ford Motor Company who are now Copper Mark Partners.”

The Copper Mark takes the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as its inspiration and organising framework. The SDGs are recognized by 193 countries and make up a universally adopted framework for sustainable development. In order to be recognized as a contributor to SDG 12 on Responsible Consumption and Production, copper producers will be assessed against a set of responsible production criteria defined by the Risk Readiness Assessment (RRA) created by the Responsible Minerals Initiative. This assessment covers 5 areas, Environmental, Governance, Community, Business & Human Rights, and Labor.

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