MM Kembla has teamed up with leading BIM content platform to provide architects and designers with consistent, high quality Revit product content.

For architects and designers working on major commercial projects, access to reliable, consistent and high quality Revit content has always been hit and miss. While most manufacturers provide access to 3D product content, it is often in the wrong format, not of a desired level of quality and not readily available when needed. set out to change all that, and since launching, the platform has become a valuable, free resource for engineers, architects and designers.

Created by the team at IGS Group, sets a new standard in easy access to the highest quality Revit and CAD content across a wide range of product categories from numerous leading manufacturers.

MM Kembla had worked with IGS Group for a number of years to create Revit content across its range of pipes and fittings, and it was a natural evolution for that content to find a home on to provide access to as many engineers, architects and designers as possible.

Felix Velasco, MM Kembla Marketing, Non-Tube Purchasing and Commercial Support Manager, said, “We wanted to make it easy for engineers, architects and designers to include our products in their designs and documentation from the earliest stage, with certainty that the Revit content and data was accurate and in the right format for them to use.

It was an easy decision to provide this content on the new platform created by the IGS Group to ensure as many people could access it as possible.”

The team behind has set out to create a resource that:

  • Promotes quality over quantity, with a commitment to high quality standards
  • Is intuitive and easy-to-use, enabling a range of search categories and options to provide fast access to quality content
  • Offers a breadth of choice, with an extensive range of product categories and multiple manufacturers in each category

Luke Johnston IGS Group Managing Director, said, “ is a carefully curated source of only the highest quality Revit and CAD content with an overarching objective to make it easy and fast to get access to only the best content. It’s our job to help make the jobs of architects and designers easier.”

The IGS team has provided BIM content services since 2009, and has a wealth of experience working in BIM and design technology roles in top-tier commercial architecture, engineering and construction firms. Before launching, they worked with more than 100 product manufacturers from all over the world to create BIM content, and provided content creation, strategy and management services to numerous architecture and engineering forms.

Luke Johnston IGS Group Managing Director, said, “While we’re not the first online platform for BIM content, we are committed to being the best online resource for BIM content that does not compromise on quality.

What we put on is carefully curated and we will reject anything that doesn’t meet the high quality bar we have set for our content. We want to create a new standard for reliable and consistent content that architects and designers can trust 100%.”

MM Kembla works closely with to add Revit content for new products and update any product changes. Users are also sent notifications and updates when additions and changes are made. Architects and designers can have complete confidence that they have the very latest product specifications and content optimised for different Revit versions and releases.

Felix Velasco, MM Kembla Marketing, Non-Tube Purchasing and Commercial Support Manager, said, “We’re really pleased to make all our Revit content available in one trusted place for our customers to access reliable and consistent product content and data. And to make it even easier for people to access our Revit content, not only is it available on, but we’ve also provided direct access to the platform within our website.”

For access to high quality Revit content for a range of MM Kembla pipes and fittings, visit