MM Kembla has been providing our customers with the highest quality and most reliable products and services for over 100 years.

The KemPress® NZ Copper Press-fit connection system has been designed for New Zealand water and gas installations. They should only be used in conjunction with NZS 3501 copper tube.

KemPress® NZ incorporates KemGuard Technology; a unique set of features to improve installation quality, minimise risk and manage and monitor installation performance. With a warranty of 25 years, and a design life of over 50 years, KemPress® NZ offers you peace of mind and the simplicity that you want.

When you need the highest quality press-fit connection system available in New Zealand, use Kembla NZS 3501 Copper Tube, KemPress® ZS 3501 Fittings and the KemPress® tool.

Why use KemPress NZ?

The advantages of installing KemPress NZ copper fittings include:

Faster and easier to use

  • Considerably faster than conventional brazing
  • No need to drain water out of the system.

Flame free connection

  • No hot works permit required.

KemGuard Technology

  • New un-pressed fitting ID (Leak Path)
  • Bluetooth KemPress tools
  • Unique Push & Stay
  • Universal Profile
  • KemCore Technology
  • Visual Identification
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • 50 Year design life

Universal Copper Press-fit system

  • All KemPress® NZ fittings are compatible with recognised press-fit tools such as, KemPress®, Novopress, REMS, Rothenberger, Zupper with NZ sized compatible jaws, making it a truly universal system.
  • The KemPress® NZ system is compatible with Half Hard (HH), Hard Drawn (H), & Annealed (ANN) NZS 3501 copper tube.

High quality, lightweight KemPress® tools

  • Slim lightweight and ergonomic design
  • One hand operation. Once the jaws are inserted the weight is balanced
  • Smart Electronic Controls and Bluetooth technology for use with the Novocheck App
  • Longest interval between servicing
  • Loan tool provided while servicing
  • Small tool (KPS2) handles tube up to DN25
  • Brushless Motor Technology for more presses per battery charge
  • Press area illumination
  • 180° Rotatable head on KPS2 small tool.

KemPress NZ Warranty

  • A KemPress NZ warranty of 25 years, and a design life of over 50 years.

With convenience and ease of use at the forefront, our KemPress NZ Fittings are designed with our customers in mind. Improving installation quality whilst minimising risks during and after installation, we have ensured KemPress NZ Fittings are also fast and easy to use.

For more information

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