When it comes to a press fit system, your installation is only as good as the product you use and your press tool is no exception. MM Kembla’s Kempress KPS2 and KPL3 tools are the most advanced tools on the market, helping you to monitor job and tool performance all from the palm of your hand.

Have you been unsure if your press tool is calibrated or needs a service? Have you ever been on the job and you’re not quite sure if your press tool did that last fitting right? Or maybe after a long day of pressing hundreds of joins you want to be sure you didn’t miss any? If you’re not 100% confident, these things could lead to a costly failure, but with the new Bluetooth enabled Kempress KPS2 and KPL3 tools, you don’t ever have to worry again.

Utilising Bluetooth technology and the Novocheck app, you can monitor your tool’s performance right from your smart phone or tablet to make sure every press was done right the first time. KPS2 and KPL3 tools now give you ability to monitor and maintain your tool performance and installation performance and reduce installation risk whilst icnreasing the quality of your installations.

Pre-start tool checks will ensure your tools are ready to work, service logs will mean you can see when your tool needs its next service and generation of site reports means you can detect any unpressed fittings by comparing the number of completed presses to those required on each section of work.

MM Kembla’s Kempress system uses these features to minimise the risk involved with your plumbing installation, giving you peace of mind and removing any guesswork for you. Not to mention when it does come time for a service, we’ll provide you with a loan tool while you wait to make sure you can back to the important stuff, getting the job done quickly and safely.

MM Kembla is the market leader in press fit systems and partnered with the Novocheck app, the new Kempress tools in both large and small sizes are better than ever.

Download the NovoCheck App from the App Store or Google Play and connect with your tool today.


To find out where to buy the new Kempress tools, contact our friendly customer service team on 1800 804 631 or email us sales@kembla.com.au